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It is not difficult to come to Songgwang-sa. It is just a matter of your mind.

Your heart beats high with the hope of seeing Buddha. And it can be a special pleasure to

come to Songgwang-sa if you stop by cultural remains near Songgwang-sa on the way to Songgwang-sa.

To come to Songgwang-sa, you have to get to Gwangju or Sooncheon by plane, express bus, or train. Cross-country bus is to leave for Songgwang-sa hourly from Gwangju Cross-Country Terminal(Express Bus Terminal and Cross-Country Terminal are at one place in Gwangju.). It costs about 5,200 won to take a bus from Gwangju to Songgwang-sa and takes about 30 minutes. And bus is scheduled from 8:50 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.(serving 9 times a day at the interval of about 40 minutes)

It is a three-minute walk from Songgwang-sa bus station to Songgwang-sa ticket booth. It is a fifteen-minute walk from the ticket booth to Songgwang-sa Buddha hall. It can be another pleasure in Songgwang-sa to have a time to walk. Walk on the perfect road opened inside the thick forest and you can see right away Songgwang-sa surrounded by forest.