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A Buddhist mass for practice is held for the public in Songgwang-sa every summer. A renunciation program lasting for a limited time period recently arouses the immense interests of the people. You can have an opportunity to relieve your physical and mental fatigue accumulated

from the various and complex modern life in the temple without pollution and noise even for a short time period.

Songgwang-sa Sajaroo is held usually five to eight times for 4 nights and 5 days each, and it is noticed to the public in the Songgwang-sa newsletter and Buddhism newspapers.

Recruitment usually lasts for 20 days from May 20 to June 10, and the number of people to be enrolled is 100 at a time. Practice is held from early July to the middle of August.

Please refer to the recruitment schedule and outline noticed in homepage, Songgwang-sa newsletter, and Buddhism newspapers. Moreover, people loving Songgwang-sa(for short, Songsamo), a community of Songgwang-sa practice club alumni, meet regularly each month.