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Coming down 250 meters along the detour alley newly built down the bamboo grove of the Bulilam and climbing up 250 meters on the left path along the valley again, Gwanwonam(so called Seoam) older than the main temple is properly located.

Monk Gagyoo founded it in 514(the 14 th year of King Mooryeong of Baekje dynasty). Even though the fact that the foundation years of the monasteries in the west coast of the Honam area are unusually surged in 514, the first year of the 23th King Beopheung(reign period, 514 ~ 540) who publicly authorized Buddhism in the Shilla dynasty cannot be fully trusted, in the case of Gwangwonam the fact that unknown Saint Gagyoo is the founder puts confidence in it instead.

The national master Jingak the Second(1178 ~ 1234) annotated and published Seonmoonyeomsongjip in 30 volumes in 1226. Wonjotap, the relics stupa of the national master Jingak, is on the hill right behind the hermitage. The lower part of the broken monument body remains at Weolnamsaji in Mt. Weolchool located in Weolnam-Ri Seongjun-Meon, Gangjin-Gun(Treasure No. 313).