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Going 300 meters to the north after going from Budoam and crossing Bojoam Valley Bridge, you can come up Gamroam founded by the national master Wongam (1226~1293).

The wall separates the upper hill and the downhill, and the 2-story building of Gwaneumjeon in the downhill and Byeoldangyeosa in the upperhill are unnatural because they are not wodden structures. It results from the fact that they were destroyed in the Korean War and restored two times im 1971 and 1976 by B odhisattva Jinilsimwha.

Standing toward the south in the second floor of Gwaneumjeon, you can see the lotus peaks in the ridge surrounding the great temple covered with the lotus leaves. Daejangbong behind Cheonjaam is different from Joegyebong shaped like a Chinese character ˇ®Je'.

In the head part of Bongwhangheongguk at the end of the vegetable garden, the monument of the national master Wongam(reerected in 1700) stands to the left. A pedestal stone turtle holds up its head. The front high peak is kept off if you follow the turtle's eyes, but it is connected right away with the pagoda of the national master WonGam.