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Budo represents the relics stupa.
Budoam being used as a vinaya school is at a distance of 300 meters from the bamboo forest near Hyobongyeonggak. The building plaque is a pagoda shrine hall also called a monumental shrine

hall. The reason is that there is a wall between 29 pagodas and 5 monuments.

After it had been considerably damaged during Imjinwyeran, Jeongyoowyeran (1592~1598) and Byeongjahoran(1636), restoration of major temples were propelled so that Yeongsanjun(Treasure No. 303) and Yaksajeon(Treasure No. 302) were restored. Around 1678 Monk Baekam(1631~1700) aspires to inscribe the broken monument to hand down the historic site of the 16 national masters. They are the monument of the national master Bojo(Local Cultural Property No. 91) the First and the Historic Site Monument of Songgwang-sa.

Monk Baekam ordered his disciple, Monk Seolmyeong, to construct a hermitage protect pagodas of Boohyoo(1543~1615), Beokam(1575~1660), Songgye(abbot in 1640), Noijeong, Cheemee, Yooyeong which had been already built in this place that year, and it was done in 1689.

Monk Waweol(1750~1822) started it in 1776, Monk Mookam(1750~1822) and Monk Hyangwoon(1893~1936) set up pillars and cornerstones, and Monk Seokdoo (1882~1954) remodeled it.

Moreover, the monuments of Monk Baekam and Monk Mookam, the merit monument of Monk Yongwoon, and pagodas of Monks who are Baekam, Mooyong(1651~1719), Yeonghae(1668~1754), Poongam(1688~1767), Mookam, and recent Gyeryong (1913~1995) are lawfully displayed according to genealogy.