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There is a legend that 16 hermitages existed in Songgwang-sa, Sangha-Jewel Monastery, having a history of more than 1,200 years due to symbolization of 16 national masters.

They are Bojoam(so called the main hermitage), the center of hermitages, founded by the national master Bojo, Eunjeokam, Gwangwonam, Myojeokam, Bukam, Cheonjaam, Cheongjinam, Jajeongam, Gamroam, Budoam, Jogyeam, Panwaam, Silsangam, Sangseonam, Sangyeombulam, and Hayeombulam.

Among those, existing hermitages are Gwangwonam, Cheonjaam, Gamroam, Budoam, Jajeongam(present Bulilam), Panwaam(present Inweolam), and Odoam and Tabjeon (Jeokgwangjeon) constructed recently. Bojoam, Eunjeokam, Myojeokam, Cheongjinam, Jogyeam, Silsangam(found in 1994), and Sangseonam(found in 1994) have sites left, but as far as Bukam, Sangyeombulam, and Hayeombulam, their names are handed down.